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Challenge Bowl
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South Carolina Student Challenge Bowl 




Who: One or two 3-member teams from each South Carolina PA program**

  1.  Charleston Southern University
  2.  Francis Marion University
  3.  Medical University of SC
  4.  North Greenville University
  5.  Presbyterian College
  6.  University of SC School of Medicine

**Each school must have 80% SCAPA student membership to participate in this event, and there is a max of two 2nd-year students per team.


What: 3-round challenge bowl competition modeled after the annual AAPA National Challenge Bowl


When: TBD


Where: TBD


Why: Winner of SC Student Challenge Bowl will have bragging rights for the year and receive a trophy and $500 from SCAPA that they can use to go towards competition in the 2021 AAPA National Challenge Bowl if desired





Rounds of competition

  • There will be 3 rounds of competition with each round consisting of 25 questions.
  •  Round 1:  up to 10 teams may participate. The lowest scorning teams at the end of round 1 will be eliminated.
  •  Round 2:  up to 5 teams may participate. The lowest scoring teams at the end of round 2 will be eliminated leaving the 2 highest scorning teams to compete in round 3.
  •  Round 3:  2 teams will participate in the third championship round. The highest scoring team from the championship round wins and will be awarded a trophy and  $500.

Buzzer style answering

  • Each team will have one team buzzer stationed at the center of the team’s table.
  •  Any member of any team can signal in at any point during the reading of the question by the host.
  •  The host will immediately stop reciting the question as soon as the first team buzzes in, even if reading of the question is not complete.
  •  When any one member of a team buzzes in, the team has 10 seconds to consult to finalize an answer. One member of the team must announce a final answer before the allotted 10 seconds.
  •  If the team answers incorrectly, or has not answered in the designated 10 seconds, 10 points will be deducted from the team’s overall score. The question will then be read again by the host for the remaining teams to buzz in to answer.
  •  If any question is read or read for a second time and no team signals in within 10 seconds of completing the question, no points will be rewarded or deducted from any team. 


  • 10 points awarded for a correct answer.
  • 10 points deducted for an incorrect answer or if no answer is provided within the designated 10 second time limit.
  • Host and judges reserve the right to decide correct and incorrect answers.
  • Host and judges may ask any team for a more specific answer if the original answer provided is too generalized. Host and judge will then decide to award or deduct points based on the follow up answer.

Tie breakers

  • In the event of a tie at the end of any round, there will be tie-breaker questions available to the host.
  • The tied teams will go head-to-head to answer 1 question to break the tie following the same rules listed above.

Recording or documenting the event

  • Participants and spectators will be asked to not have any electronic devices out during the competition.  Taking pictures is allowed and encouraged prior to competition, after competition, and during intermissions.  There should also be no paper or writing utensils being used by participants or spectators during the competition.  There will be monitors that will be walking around the event looking for anyone who is breaking these rules.
  •  We ask all participants, staff, and spectators to not document any of the questions and/or answers in any way in order to keep this annual event fun, exciting, and to protect the integrity of quiz bowl questions.
  •  Again, staff monitors will be supervising the event to ensure cooperation with these guidelines.



  •  Be sure to proudly represent your alma mater, school, classmates, and team by wearing school t-shirts, school colors, or making posters.
  •  Each team will be responsible for decorating their own table for the event!
  • Make sure you bring your spirit and support! The more, the merrier. Family is welcome. 



  •  Team check in on the day of the Challenge Bowl event will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the event.
  •  Any decorations for your team’s table can be set up during this time. 

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