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Past President Timeline

Each year we highlight the achievements of our SCAPA Board and Committee Chairs under the leadership of our President.  Take a look back at our accomplishments from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2015.





 Gabby Poole PA-C

 Immediate Past President 2014-2015







Rebecca Johnson PA-C
Past President 2012-2013


SCAPA Board 2012-2013


President: Rebecca Zerwick Johnson

President Elect: Jamie Woody

Vice President: Gabby Linder Poole

Treasurer: Melinda Carr

Secretary: Megan Bales Fulton

Past President: Tim Stuart

Grand Strand Area Representative: Lisa Moyer

Low Country Area Representative: Ann Marie Rader

Midlands Area Representative: Eric Shoup

Pee Dee Area Representative: Temisha Budden

Upstate Area Representative: Amanda Brodie

2nd Year MUSC PA Student Representative: Michael Petrillo

1st Year MUSC PA Student Representative: Emmy-Lou Dickinson

Chief HOD Delegate: Victor Gomez


SCAPA Committee Chairs


Awards: CJ Parris

CME Planning: Martha Green and Jen Marshall

Communications: Gabby Poole

Diversity: Anjinetta Johnson

Finance: Melinda Carr

Legislative: Paul Jacques

Membership: Anthony Poole

Elections and Nominations: Gabby Poole

Professional Wellness: Joe Wehner

Public Education: April Smith

Reimbursement: Victor Gomez


SCAPA Consultants


Executive Director: Janet Jordan

Lobbyist: Ted Riley

AAPA Liasion: Penny Gaillard




July 2012: Midlands Area Dinner Meeting


August 1, 2012: SCAPA Board Meeting Conference Call


August 9, 2012: Upstate Area Dinner Meeting


August 15, 2012: SCAPA participated in AAPA conference call on Strategic Planning.

Pee Dee Area Dinner Meeting


August 17, 2012: Our President spoke at MUSC PA graduation.


August 23, 2012: Grand Strand Area Dinner Meeting


August 29, 2012: Lowcountry Area Dinner Meeting


September 5, 2012: SCAPA president, past president, and legislative committee chair met in

Columbia with SCMA Board member Dr. Ropp, SCMA lobbyist, SCAFP lobbyist, and SCAPA lobbyist to discuss a joint statement regarding SCAPA’s commitment to the Physician lead team and advancement of the PA practice act.


September 7, 2012: Newsletter emailed to membership.


September 13, 2012: Upstate Area Dinner Meeting


September 19, 2012: Lowcountry Area Dinner Meeting


September 26, 2012: Pee Dee Area Dinner Meeting


September 26-29, 2012: SCAPA President and President Elect in Washington DC for AAPA CORE Conference

Lobbying on the Hill

PA student Laura Mathis (from Wake Forest) and SCAPA President discussed 3 PA issues with Senator Lindsay Graham, Senator DeMint, and Representative Tim Scott’s assistants: 

1) Medicare hospice care access act, 2) Federal workers’ compensation modernization and improvement act, and 3) Extending Medicaid EHR incentive payments to PA’s.


October 3, 2012: Website demonstration with Affiniscape.


October 7-11, 2012: SCAPA Annual CME Conference at Wild Dunes


October 7, 2012: SCAPA Board Meeting


October 8, 2012: SCAPA presented Victor Gomez with PA of the Year Award.


October 10, 2012: Lowcountry Area Dinner Meeting


October 18, 2012: Upstate Area Dinner Meeting


October 23, 2012: Conference call with SCMA and SCAFP.


November 7, 2012: Lowcountry Area Dinner Meeting


November 14, 2012: Newsletter emailed to membership.


November 27, 2012: SCAPA website re-design conference call.


November 29, 2012: Upstate Area Dinner Meeting


November 2012: Midlands Area Dinner Meeting


January 10, 2013: Website Committee Conference Call


January 22, 2013: SCAPA Board Meeting Conference Call


January 23, 2013: Lowcountry Area Dinner Meeting


January 28, 2013: Conference Call with SCMA Lobbyist, SCAFP Lobbyist, and SCAPA Lobbyist, SCAPA President and Legislative Chair


January 29, 2013: SCAPA Membership Conference Call


February 4, 2013: SCAPA met with the SCBME regarding advances to our practice act.


February 19, 2012: Newsletter emailed to membership.


February 18, 2013: SCAPA Nominations Committee Conference Call


February 27, 2013: Senate Bill 448 introduced and 1st read, then referred to the Senate Committee of Medical Affairs.

Lowcountry Area Dinner Meeting


February 2013: House Bill 3618 (identical to S 448) introduced and first read and referred to House 3M committee.


March 2, 2013: CME Planning Meeting at Wild Dunes


March 13, 2013: Lowcountry Area Dinner Meeting


March 19, 2013: Upstate Area Dinner Meeting


March 2013: Midlands Area Dinner Meeting


April 11, 2013: SCAPA President, Legislative Chair, Reimbursement Chair and Lobbyist attended Senate Medical Affairs Subcommittee Meeting in Columbia. Anesthesia lobbyists and physician testified against Category II prescriptive authority.


April 17, 2013: Lowcountry Area Dinner Meeting


April 18, 2013: Full Senate hearing favorable with amendment.


April 24, 2013: Senate 2nd read for S 448


April 27, 2013: SCAPA Planning Meeting for 2013-2014 and SCAPA Board Meeting


 April 30, 2013: Senate 3rd read of S 448 and then the bill was sent over the House.


April 30, 2013: House 1st read of S 448.


May 1, 2013: Newsletter emailed to membership.


May 2, 2013: House 2nd read of S 448.


May 3, 2013: House 3rd read of S 448.


May 14, 2013: Pee Dee Area Dinner Meeting


May 21, 2013: Governor Nikki Haley signed Senate bill 448 into law!


May 22, 2013: Lowcountry Area Dinner Meeting


May 23, 2013: Legislative Breakfast - We Presented Senator Leatherman with a plaque in appreciation for all his efforts helping PA reimbursement for first assisting in the OR for Blue Cross Blue Shield patients and was named Legislator of the Year.


May 2013: Finance Meeting and Audit


June 12, 2013: Conference Call with the AAPA President and Ann Davis regarding the AMA report 16 resolution. This resolution restricts non-physician providers from performing an extensive list of surgical and invasive procedures (ex: skin biopsy, vein harvesting).


June 13, 2013: Upstate Area Dinner Meeting


June 17, 2013: AMA HOD – Amended Report 16 resolution to only invasive pain management procedures. The AMA HOD comment " your reference committee heard the concerns raised, including those related to the practice of physician assistants and physician-led healthcare teams, and believes the proffered amendments address these concerns.” AMA HOD Report

June 18, 2013: SCAPA President spoke during the Introduction to PA class to the new MUSC PA class of 2015 regarding professional organizations, their importance, and why they should be involved as a student and a PA. Discussed SCAPA, AAPA, and NCCPA.


June 19, 2013: Lowcountry Area Dinner Meeting


June 21, 2013: Newsletter emailed to membership.


June 25, 2013: Midlands Area Dinner Meeting


Roberta Alsworth

Past President 2008-2009

I served as SCAPA president from 2008-2009. During my term, we initiated the campaign for Physician Assistant reimbursement for surgical first assist from Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina. We reevaluated the SCAPA CME conference location and visited several other sites before making a decision to move the conference to its current location at Wild Dunes Resort in the Isle of Palms. It was an honor to serve as president but it was my great pleasure to meet and work with such a dedicated team of PAs from all across South Carolina.



Ellie Rogers

Past President 2007-2008


I was Past President of SCAPA July 01, 2007-June 30, 2008. I joined SCAPA as a student in 2000, and when I became a certified P.A. in 2002, I was nominated for the position of Secretary. I stayed there for a couple of years, learning how the organization worked and developing a role for myself. I was convinced to run for Vice President, and in that role, one of my duties was to manage the SCAPA annual election. That was the first year we actually had two nominees for each position. I became President Elect and decided that I wanted to get back to the membership of SCAPA – what do the members want and what can we do to help them in daily practice.


During my tenure, two great things happened. One was the Public Education Committee offered three presentations of "What Is A PA” throughout the state, which was very well received. I still get calls from those presentations, and I know many practices who attended and now employee a P.A.


The other accomplishment was the decision to move forward with our pursuit of SC BC/BS payment for PA services in the OR. SCAPA had been reviewing the situation, but it was during my Presidency that we really decided to start the real battle. Sean Irvin led the way, and we worked closely with AAPA and hired Pat Jackson as a consultant. SCAPA leadership involved the members in the fight to support not only the cause but to develop a grass roots movement. The reigns were handed over to Victor Gomez, who led us to the final victory.


I said two great things happened, but a lot of inroads were made. We started a relationship with SCMA, who now has PAs on some of its committees and supports our recent legislation for improved practice law. Joe Wehner started working on the SCAPA website – one of the smartest things I ever did was to recruit him. SCAPA made the decision to move its annual CME to Wild Dunes, which has been very well attended, and the change was a good one despite much resistance. We renewed our contract with Ted Riley, who has been instrumental in moving the practice law forward. We created the Finance Committee to develop a better checks and balances within the organization.


What does SCAPA mean to me? Working with SCAPA made me a better person. I learned to listen more and communicate better. I learned how to bite my tongue more, although those who know me realize that it cannot be completely stopped! SCAPA supports the PAs of SC and makes this state a better place to practice in. The battles ahead will not be simple, but nothing worthwhile ever is. However, together we can and do make a difference – for patients, physicians, fellow PAs and ourselves.


After my Presidency, I became less active in SCAPA. I believe that good leaders mentor new leaders. While input from the old and wise (really means gray with lots of war stories) is valuable, we need to move on and let the new generation take over. I am very proud of SCAPA’s leadership – past and present – and commend you on your dedication.








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