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CII Prescriptions

How to Change Your Prescriptive Authority from Schedule III-V to Schedule II-V:


NOTE: these procedures are for PAs in SC who are ALREADY registered (and paid to date) with BME, SC DHEC, and DEA for schedule 3-5 and just need to update to add schedule 2. This is NOT for NEW registrants.


1. Go to SC Board of Medical Examiners website to complete the Controlled Substance Prescriptive Authority Form.  

a. Fax this form to 803-896-4515. Include with it proof of your 15 hours of controlled substance education. If you already have prescriptive authority, the BME should have this on file already, but they have been requesting a copy.

b. Once this is approved, you will receive a mailed notice stating your approval. You will need to keep this on file with your scope of practice at all practice sites.


2. Go to the SC DHEC website to obtain and complete the Drug Schedule Change Form ( DHEC 1025).

a. Fax this form to 803-896-0656 along with a copy of the approval letter from the BME from step #1.

b. After 24-48 hours your change should be processed in the system.

c. Go to to verify your schedule approval has been updated (you will enter your DHEC # and last name into a search box). If schedule 2-5 appears, you are now approved to move on to the DEA! Your new certificate should come in the mail eventually.


3. Go to the DEA website:  DEA Website

a. Click on the Registration Changes link and follow the prompts to enter your information and log in. Once you log in, you are able to make changes to your info on file with the DEA, including your drug schedules. Enter these changes and "e-sign” the attestation and submit application.

b. You should receive a new certificate and letter in the mail stating the change.

c. You may also wait 3-5 business days then go back to their website to check whether the change has been made by using their registration validation tool at


Once ALL of this is completed and you have your mailed, hard copies of new certificates received, and ALL of this is on file with your scope of practice at ALL your practice sites, then you may begin to prescribe controlled substance schedule II prescriptions.


Make sure you take all of the necessary steps with your individual practices and hospitals as they may have restrictions or additional forms that need to be completed as well.


Please make sure to review the new laws regarding CII prescriptive authority before you begin writing for these medications. You can find more information here: Legislation Information


Overview of the Restrictions Surrounding CII Prescriptive Authority:

1. If PAs INITIATE a PO category 2 prescription, they may only write a 3 day supply. If the patient requires the medication beyond the 3 day supply, the supervising MD must see the patient, and the physician must write any warranted category 2 prescription.


2. PAs can write CONTINUING prescriptions for PO category 2 medications for a 30 day supply only. 

For example, a PA can write for a refill of longstanding Adderall, Ritalin, chronic pain medication or prescription that was initiated in past by their physician.


3. PAs in the hospital setting may write a one-time parenteral category 2 order within a 24 hour period. For any additional parenteral orders, the MD must evaluate the patient and write the prescription.


4. In order to initially receive the privilege to prescribe any controlled substance the PA must complete an approved 15 hour course on controlled substances.


5. PA must keep documentation of (to provide to BME if asked) of 4 hours of Category I CME on controlled substances or drug diversion every 2 years.

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